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George Stein, The DUI Lawyer

“I’m so glad I hired George Stein to represent me when I was accused of driving DUI by an overzealous police officer who was new to the force and who completely lacked the proper judgment to discern an impaired driver. No matter what the circumstances of your case, Mr. Stein is the BEST lawyer you can have representing you. His knowledge and experience of the DUI laws and how to defend you are exceedingly deep and wide. Plus he is an incredibly persuasive individual. So, if you have been charged by a police officer who only wants to make a name for himself in the department by charging you with a DUI, then Mr. Stein is the ONLY person you will want representing you! You won’t be disappointed by choosing his firm!”

“After thoroughly researching and consulting with several top-rated attorneys in Atlanta, I hired George Stein because he is the best, bar none.

He was the first attorney that friends and family suggested, but I had several preconceived notions. I thought that because of George’s status and reputation, I would never actually speak to/ deal directly with him, that everything would be delegated to an associate, and that he would be inaccessible, and impossible to reach or hear back from. George’s level of service and professionalism undeniably, eliminated my concerns.

I reached out to an attorney with hundreds of 5-star reviews, and an Avvo rating of 10 for a consultation. Over a week later, and calling at least 3 times, I was finally able to consult with this attorney. He said that he couldn’t say anything bad about George Stein, but the difference would be that I would have his cell number, and be able to easily reach him about my case. I found this ironic since George had been the first attorney to call me back, and it was from his cell phone since it was the weekend.

This attorney also charged double what George did, but it would’ve only been $2k more than George’s fee if his associate handled my case. I’m glad that I took the time to consult with other attorneys because by the time I met George in person, I knew without any shadow of a doubt that there was no competition.

With the exception of one other attorney, every other attorney I consulted with was more than happy to take my money to help me plead out. George did not sugarcoat anything, but he laid out all of my options, possible outcomes, and expertly represented me in whatever decision I made.

He is well-known and respected in the legal community, and every day we were in court, other attorneys would approach him with questions, or ask for his opinion on a matter, and some even sat in on our trial.

Needless to say, I’m glad I went with my gut on this one and hired George Stein with a more than favorable result. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone else in need of his services.”
A Satisfied Client

“George helped me get out of a DUI that I got for underage drinking. He was amazing. Honestly, he was worth every penny I spent. I got charged with underage DUI, MIP, and failure to maintain lane. I blew a .053 which is over twice the legal limit for under 21. He got my case completely dismissed and honestly saved my career. If you need to make sure that you don’t get the “book” thrown at you by the system, call George Stein. He wrote to book that judges use for DUI’s and knows everyone there is to know to get your case resolved in your favor.”

“My son was involved in an accident where two cars were totaled, he was arrested and charged with DUI. We called lawyers and went to two consulations but we were not convinced. We made an appointment to see Mr. Stein and my son and I agreed that this was it. His one DUI turned into two and on top of that, he drives trucks for a living…This case lingered but Mr. Stein did an outstanding job representing him. It went so well that after the verdict was read, a guy waiting to go before the judge said “Wow he got off good”. I am thankful and so pleased with Mr. Stein, he comes highly recommended by a parent who was worried about the outcome of the case and my son’s future. Well, it’s over, both DUIs were dropped and my son is back on the road driving. Thank you, Mr. Stein.”

“George Stein took my DUI to trial and got a NOT GUILTY verdict! His expertise and skill were obvious as soon as the trial started. Mr. Stein excels in the “art of persuasion” when dealing with the jury. Winning the trial saved my professional career and my trusted reputation. My innocence was proven with strong facts and expert witness testimony surrounding the case.

My only recommendation is to endorse Attorney George Stein as the DUI expert in court litigation when winning is the only option!”

“I was very stressed about what attorney to hire after being pulled over and arrested for a DUI (for the second time). The first one was dismissed – and George was my attorney for that one. Friends and family were giving me advice, and frankly, it was overwhelming.

After struggling with the decision, I decided to go with a different attorney for this situation. Initially, I was pleased with my decision. This other attorney was well respected and very thorough. It was after the license hearing that I began to wonder if I had made a mistake. He was able to get my license reinstated – but only after agreeing with the officer that I would plead guilty – which was no what we had discussed. Needless to say, I was alarmed that this had happened.

So, I called George. He was calm, also very thorough, and was willing to take my case. He would not make me any promises – but nevertheless, he seemed confident. I called the first attorney and told him that I had decided to go a different direction and would no longer be using him to defend my case.

After a long 2.5 years, a hearing was scheduled and we were set to go before the judge. George and his team had done a fantastic job discussing all of complicated elements of my case with the prosecutor and by the time my case was called, the prosecutor had agreed to reduce the charges to reckless driving.

Fighting a DUI is a terrifying thing. Do yourself a favor and hire the best attorney that you can find. George has done an outstanding job for me twice now.”

“In the fall of 2016, my son was erroneously charged with a DUI in a small town on his way back to college one Sunday morning. I called and made an appointment with George Stein. After a meeting me and then later my son he took our case. I thank the lord he did, he knows the law and how to get results.”

“George Stein represented me and did an outstanding job. I feel that he was extremely professional in dealing with my case. I would strongly recommend hiring George Stein to represent you. He is the BEST!”
A Satisfied Client

“As she dealt with the stress of finishing a third undergraduate degree, my daughter simultaneously experienced the stress of breaking up with her boyfriend of several years. Somehow she managed to successfully survive her finals and complete her degree but then plummeted into a deep depression that incapacitated her for the better part of a year. She underwent counseling, became suicidal and had to be admitted for emergency intervention at a mental health facility, discovered that her bipolar disorder did not respond to medication, and, as a last resort, consented to undergo electroconvulsive therapy.

Gradually, she improved and started getting out of bed for longer periods of time. She even began to interact again, something she had literally not done in months. These gains were lost when she suffered a setback that plunged her deeper into depression than ever. She checked into a motel and took a bottle of sleeping pills with the full intention of ending it all. God had other plans.

She awoke the next morning and set out to visit a supportive friend. The sleeping pills had not had time to get out of her system and she had a minor rear-end collision with another vehicle. Noticing her groggy condition, the attending state trooper conducted a sobriety test and booked her into the county jail.

My wife and I feared that our daughter might attempt suicide again if her future job prospects became doubtful due to a DUI conviction and/or due to additional mandatory jail time that would accompany a conviction. Knowing how tough and unforgiving Georgia’s DUI law is, my wife and I knew that we would need a really good DUI attorney and that even then it would be a long shot.

We interviewed two DUI attorneys the first of which gave little hope for success but would be willing to hold her hand through the process for $5000. The second attorney was somewhat cocky, abrasive, and unpleasant. Like the first, he agreed to hold her hand through the process for a handsome sum of money.

At a loss for where to turn, our son told us about an attorney in Atlanta, George Stein, who had the reputation of being the preeminent DUI attorney for the State of Georgia and who had successfully represented an acquaintance of his. We contacted Mr. Stein and he made nothing but a positive, professional impression on us from the start. He explained clearly how he would go about his representation, assured our daughter that he and his staff would shoulder the burden for her, and that all she would have to do is show up and avoid any further driving violations. Feeling she would be in the best hands possible, we hired him.

He and his team conscientiously executed their strategy and were able to get the charges reduced to reckless driving, thereby avoiding the stigma of a DUI and avoiding additional jail time. As a result, our daughter’s outlook has improved dramatically. She is employed and making plans for her future.

We could not be happier with the quality of representation that Mr. Stein and his staff provided. If you want the peace of mind of knowing that you have the best in the business representing you as you deal with Georgia’s extremely tough DUI law, he’s the attorney you are looking for. We are eternally grateful to him.”

“I hired George shortly after being arrested in July 2014 for DUI. Not only did he squeeze me into his schedule that same day, but he and his staff continued to treat me with the utmost respect throughout the process. As much as I dreaded facing the situation, George and his staff were always there to calm my nerves and explain the process no matter how many times I asked. This was my first offense EVER so I really appreciated their kindness and attentiveness in getting my case ready for court.

Because George is deeply entrenched in the Atlanta community and has a stellar reputation as a lawyer, he is respected by police officers and court personnel alike. As it turned out, my case was dismissed! I would like to think that George’s tenacity and determination to do the best for his clients is what helped my dismissal.”

“George Stein is the best lawyer one can attain, he will represent you to the fullest extent, and the utmost ability of the law. There is no better choice when it comes to representation, has a good man and a great lawyer.”

“I normally don’t write these kinds of reviews, but I just had to share my experience with the Stein firm. I’m a mid-life, professional, business owner and community volunteer – who had never been in any kind of legal trouble before. So, I was shaken to the core, when I was stopped by a police officer one evening after having a couple of celebratory drinks with a friend, over the course of a few hours.

Good, God! What a terrifying and traumatic experience it was! After several field sobriety tests, and a litany of questions, I was handcuffed and put into the back of a patrol car, “processed,” and spent several miserable hours behind bars. As it turned out, my blood test showed that I was a mere fraction over the .08 legal limit, but believe me, that didn’t stop the government from prosecuting my case!

My husband had heard of George Stein’s reputation, and suggested I call him – which (thankfully) I did! It turned out to be the best decision I could’ve made. From the moment I called his office – still shaken and a bit weepy – I was treated with the utmost respect and care. Without exception, everyone in his office is a professional who genuinely seems to enjoy helping others.

George was very kind and understanding, from the beginning. He is a great listener and knows what questions to ask, and also, how to “talk you down from the ledge…” so to speak. George and his trial partner Kevin worked extremely hard on my case – negotiating, gathering evidence, speaking with experts, researching, reviewing and analyzing data; all while answering my questions, calming my fears, concerns, AND making it look so easy. (Reminded me of the story of the “ducks,” gliding gracefully across the water, seemingly so easy, breezy; all the while, below the surface, and out of sight, they’re paddling like crazy.)

Throughout this ordeal, it was comforting to know that George, and his team, were just a phone call away. I’m very happy with the outcome of my case – Thanks to George and Kevin, the DUI was dismissed. On the day of trial, the State folded after George Stein skillfully picked a jury. As a result of great lawyering, I got my driver’s license and my life back! Hopefully, you’ll never find yourself in this situation. But if you do, call George! Trust me, you do not want to face this alone.

It is a traumatic and life-altering experience; and you’ll want someone who will fight for you, every step of the way!”


“To start with my case’s were a little more complicated than most I’m sure. I have 7 DUI’s lifetime sounds horrible I know. last winter I managed to get 3 DUI’s in several months after going thru some personal hardships. I hired an Attorney out of Gwinnett County to represent me referred from a family member huge mistake. To make things worse all three DUI’s were in 3 different counties Cherokee, DeKalb and Gwinnett counties. My original Attorney pretty much served me up to DeKalb county just for the 1st conviction 3 days before sentencing in DeKalb and turning myself into custody for 9 months for the 1st Dui and a possible another year for the other 2 and a possible Felony charge on my record I called George Stein after researching him on the internet. He came highly recommended sure a little more money but you get what you pay for and in legal aid this is so true.

I called him left a message around 6:00 in the afternoon he called me back around 6:20 the same day 20 minutes later. I introduced myself and first words out of my mouth was my cases are complicated his response was that’s what I handle. I explained everything was about 6 months old already and I was getting ready to get sentenced in DeKalb County. I remember being a complete emotional mess, I gained 50lbs quit my job, had made arrangements to go into custody which is a nightmare when you try and mentally prepare yourself for this type of thing it’s horrible.

I met with Mr. Stein the following afternoon reviewed my cases with him and my not so pretty previous legal record. The one thing I respected about him from the beginning is he told me my possible consequences (which at this point I already knew) He also told me that my attorney had already spun a web that he didn’t know if he could clean up and he needed a few days to decide if he would take my case because he didn’t want to just take our money and I still go off to jail his comment was I still have to sleep at night. He was being honest, Candid and I respected that. He contacted me 2 days later we met again and Thank God he took my cases. After he and his team (they are all awesome, prompt, educated aggressively just the team you want on you’re side there winners!) After months of pleas, negotiations with the courts George and his team traveling to three different counties and dealing with 3 different Judges and Prosecutors these guys saved my ass! They negotiated a deal of probation and treatment which allowed my to stay free, keep my job, no felonies and still continue to stay productive in my life. There isn’t enough kind words I can put on here If a team of people protect you’re freedom they have pretty much saved you’re life as far as I’m concerned. When in the courts I felt confident because I knew the team defending me was the best especially after dealing with a previous attorney that the Judge wouldn’t even wouldn’t even listen too when she was pleading my case huge difference. If you have Dui worries this is the guy to call there is a reason he’s the best he is great at what he does.

All I can say is thanks to George and his team they helped saved my life and let me start to put my life back together again!”


“During the entire process, George and his team did a fantastic job. His firm was able to have my license kept valid which allowed me to see what the State would offer, without being suspended. The offer from the Municipal Court of Atlanta was for me to plea to a “Reckless Driving.” We choose to go to trial and reject that deal and George Stein made the decision to move my case Atlanta City to Fulton County. During the time my case was in Fulton County, George’s knowledge and expertise of the trial process, he was able to address points and make quick appropriate decisions at each step. While it did take a significant amount of time (4 yrs, 3 months) to accomplish, George was able to get my DUI dismissed and all my charges dropped. I give a 200% confidence vote in his abilities and recommend him 200%. My advice is be patient and work with George and his team while they work their best on your case.”


“I would like to share my experience working with George Stein and his DUI defense team.

In the Fall of 2014, within two weeks of moving to Georgia and as part of a corporate relocation, I was arrested and charged with my first DUI. As a chemical sales rep for a major corporation, my job frequently involves both customer and internal outings where alcohol is consumed. The night of my arrest was no different than many in the past. However, after finding myself in jail for the first time, the risk-related behavior and past lapses in judgement became all too apparent. I was now facing jail time, loss of my current employment, and a real jeopardy to my future career in a very conservative big-business environment. I immediately recognized that I would need help in this matter and began talking to lawyers. What is unique about George Stein is his integrity. He preserves this not only in himself but also his Clients. Where other attorneys I spoke to were saying they would begin by burying the court in requests and technicalities, George understands what needs to be done in court and he clearly explained it all to me.

From a legal perspective, I did not give George a lot to work with. Since it was my first true run-in with ‘the law’ I reverted to an ‘honesty is the best policy’ approach during the arrest. Although you can technically contest a DUI breath test result, it probably did not help that I told the officer what I had to drink on camera. The prosecutor was aware of this so initial proposed outcomes were less than ideal. Despite this, George continued to plead my case and work with the prosecutor. In the end, it came down to the Judge’s decision. I am happy to say that with George’s support we successfully negotiated a plea that would dismiss the DUI and preserve my career potential.

What is also unique about George is his presence in the courtroom. After everyone stands up to honor the Judge and the Judge makes his introduction, it is almost as if the Judge’s introduction includes an announcement for appreciation that George Stein is in the courtroom. It was plainly clear during all of my court proceedings that everyone from Judges to prosecutors, to Clerks and other attorneys, they know and respect George; and he acts on this respect without a vein of self-serving pride. I know without a doubt that George’s approach to his profession, and the level of respect that Courts have for George also helped the outcome of my case.

My absolute gratitude goes to George and his team for their help to keep my family’s new life in Georgia on track.”

A Satisfied Client

“I was charged with a DUI when I encountered a roadblock in West Georgia. The breath test was a .19 so I asked Mr. Stein and his firm for legal counsel. As a team they helped me keep my driver’s license and had the charges reduced to reckless driving and a fine. George’s law firm and team of competent lawyers did an outstanding job.”

A Satisfied Client

“You obviously made a mistake in exercising discretion. Now don’t make a similar mistake in attorney selection. There are boatload of attorneys who represent DUI competency. I don’t think any of them could have gotten both my cases completely dismissed entirely like George did. Take it from a two time client of this firm, if it was not for them, I would have severely ruined my life. What I really liked was that they did not judge me for coming back a second time. They have the experience and because of the constant research of George’s book, know the law better than the prosecutor. And also remember, they are not afraid to fight your case, just work with them and please be patient as good results take time. The judges have a tremendous amount of deference for George’s arguments. Thanks George for everything you will always be on my Holiday Card list. I shall not forget the good things you have done for me.”


“OMG….great DUI attorney. My wife had gotten a DUI about 3 yrs. ago and she just now took the stand. George Stein and his team are a work of art in the court room. The DUI was dismissed. The officer (witness) was not expecting what was brought to him from Stein’s defense. I’m sure he wished he never showed for the trial. There was a following to close charge as well and they did make that one stick. I’m okay with the outcome. The only mark I have against the team was when my wife had her first court appearance, the woman (I forget her name) suggested that my wife take the plea bargain because the chances were to slim to take to trial. Lucky I was there, because my wife may have taken the deal. I said no way. Let’s take it to trial (against her wishes). For 7 thousand dollars I was willing to roll the dice. I can get a 1500 dollar attorney to plea bargain. The case was moved to another jurisdiction. and 3 yrs. later my wife finally got her day in court. Turned out to be a great day. I say you get what you pay for so spend the extra money for good representation. But don’t forget that you still make the decisions on taking the plea or taking it to trial.”


“Our family has retained George Stein for a variety of legal problems. He has always handled our issues with the utmost discretion. His legal professionalism is evident in the positive outcomes that have resulted from his outstanding grasp of the law. There has not been one instance where we have not been satisfied with the results. George Stein is a wonderful attorney who works hard to protect you and your family. I can’t say enough about his honest and forthright behavior. He is an attorney you can trust, someone who will work hard to solve your legal issues. I would recommend him to my own mother.”


“Mr. Stein gave my daughter excellent representation. It was her first arrest (and, we hope, her last) and George Stein’s experience & knowledge helped our family out of a tough, tough jam.

No surprises, hidden fees or anything like that. Just straight-forward dealings and plenty of help from Mr. Stein and his staff throughout the process. I would employ him again but hope I won’t need to! Thank you!”


“I interviewed 4 different law firms after my DUI arrest last fall. The primary reason I decided to go with George was because of his candor. I had several unique factors that made defending my case difficult to say the least. George was honest with me during our initial consultation, whereas all the other lawyers promised that the “best case scenarios” would be delivered. George realistically laid out a game plan, kept me informed during each and every step of the process, and ultimately delivered the best case scenario of reducing my DUI to a Reckless Driving (despite non-disputable evidence). Additionally, George has a strong supporting staff comprising of former prosecutors and experienced defense attorneys, all who are able to leverage their expansive experiences and connections in the Atlanta Judicial System. I am not saying that my results are typical by any means; every case will have unique circumstances that will ultimately define the outcomes, therefore there are no guarantees. What I can guarantee is that George and his team will do EVERYTHING in their power to work towards the most favorable outcome possible.

Side Note: In addition to George, I worked with Brian Caron and Erin Gerstenzang, both who are very knowledgeable, highly responsive, and extremely professional in their analysis. I would recommend any of them.”


“George helped me avoid having a teenagers error in judgment follow me into adulthood. He answered questions that I had about the law and the legal process. He was available to meet with me the day that I called his office which relieved a lot of the stress that I was feeling after having been through an arrest. When I walked into the courtroom, I was nervous and overwhelmed by it and couldn’t imagine appearing there without an attorney. George showed a confidence that could only come from experience.”


“I was very happy with both Mr. Stein and Ms. Gerstenzang. They listened to me, answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. In court Ms. Gerstenzang represented me with the utmost skill and professionalism and I could not have been happier with the outcome. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Stein and his staff to anyone with a DUI issue. He is called “The DUI Lawyer” for good reason.”


“George is a highly qualified and respected lawyer. His court presence is second to none. I had my case dismissed quickly and without any fanfare.”


“When I hired Mr. Stein I told him that my goals were to not have a DUI on my record and to have the case settled as quickly as possible. We were in court about a week later, and settle for a reckless driving conviction. I shouldn’t complain since I got what I asked for, but I’ll complain a little. I had no criminal record and had only one ticket in the previous 7-8 years (never had a DUI). I was given 1-year probation and 100 hours community service in addition to the standard classes, fines, and fees. I feel that since I was a model citizen prior to this stop, the length of probation and number of comm. svc. hours was excessive. I’ve talked with others who had the same charge and conviction who received much less punishment. Maybe the punishment was a trade for expedience?

All that said, I would definitely recommend Mr. Stein. His staff was the definition of professional, and I always felt like they were supporting me and willing to fight for me. Mr. Stein has a relatively large practice and I’m sure is very busy, but any time I wanted to speak with him, he got on the phone, and when I was standing before the judge, he was there, not an associate.”


“Great bedside manner and very talented lawyer! Upon meeting George Stein, he put me at ease about my criminal matter. From there, he was easy to communicate with about my cases progress and was very prepared when we went to court. While at court, it was obvious that Mr. Stein had a lot of experience and a good relationship with the court. He got my charges dismissed!! I strongly recommend this talented lawyer. It is nice to know that he will allow a payment plan!”

A Satisfied Client

“As a businessman in Metro Atlanta, the good standing of my driver’s license is essential to the completion of my duties. Additionally, my occupation requires me to visit high profile sites and government facilities; so maintaining a clean criminal and driving record is critical to my employment.

Recently, I experienced an unexpected encounter with my local law enforcement patrol. This encounter motivated me to contact George Stein’s law office; who was recommended by a friend. I must say that my experience working with this law firm was exceptional!

During the months leading to my day in court, my family and I were dealing with some major life events. George Stein and his staff made dealing with my DUI charges simple and convenient to my busy schedule.

His experienced and professional team continuously counseled me on actions I needed to take in order to ensure true justice was preserved. I heeded their good advice and prepared myself for my day in court.

Before my court date, I was thoroughly briefed on how things were to proceed. While in court, I noticed that many of the other DUI cases that were discussed initially received punishments that seemed somewhat expensive and severe. When my case was called, it was obvious that George Stein & his team had been diligent with their preparation. I was represented professionally and maintained my dignity before the judge and my peers. My attorney had skillfully negotiated with the accusing officer, as well as the prosecutor to dismiss my DUI charges and settle upon punishments that were fair and just. I was elated when I realized that my choice of attorneys was the correct decision.

Additionally, George Stein worked with my family and I to ensure we had financial options such as a payment plan. If it were not for the compassionate counsel of George Stein and his team, I would not have been able to afford proper representation, I would have lost my license and would not be employed at the company I love to work for. If you are ever accused of DUI, I highly recommend George Stein and his team of attorneys. The professionalism and experience his law firm brings to the courtroom is extremely valuable and very influential.”

A Satisfied Client

“George Stein, The DUI Lawyer Law firm has a great reputation and lived up to all of my expectations! George and his team of superb lawyers are truly masterful in court. The arresting officer had all of his mistakes exposed in court during my motion hearing!

As a result, the government case against me collapsed and my Dui was dismissed!

Thanks, George! I would recommend your services to anyone who asked!”


“I had received a DUI and failure to maintain lane a little over a year and a half ago. George and his associate Erin Gerstenzang combed through the police report and helped me get my DUI dropped. I appreciate their help and knowledge in getting me through the process.”


“When I first met with Mr. Stein, he took his time to explain how he would approach my case to try to negotiate a lesser charge based on realistic expectations. While the final outcome may not be totally controllable, he promised to put forth his best effort so as to achieve the goal on my behalf.

After 5 months and a few court appearances, we were able to negotiate the lesser charge. I can honestly say that Mr. Stein delivered what he promised in my case.”

A Satisfied Client

“I had a DUI stop in November or 2007 in Atlanta, GA and sought out George after meeting with a number of local attorneys. From my very first meeting with George, he put me at ease by clearly explaining exactly how he would handle the case and what I should expect along the way.

My case was a fairly straightforward one based solely on the arresting officer’s evaluation of my performance on the field sobriety test taken without the BAC test (I refused).

George believed that I would be well-served by having the case tried in state court and promptly submitted the motions necessary to have the case moved accordingly.

Due to court delays, it took almost 3 years to have my case heard in court but the end result was well worth the wait! During the trial, George’s trial experience and exceptional skills were plainly evident as he deftly questioned the arresting officer and completely dismantled the prosecution’s case. My case was entirely dismissed!

I would, without hesitation, highly recommend George to anyone who finds themselves facing similar charges.”


“George Stein did an excellent job handling my very difficult and time-constrained DUI case. Right before my DUI, I received a job offer from a VERY well known, good company. Needless to say, that job had to run a background check right after I got my DUI and I was intensely worried about losing it, so I looked up George’s name and found that he was an excellent DUI attorney and gave him a call.

Due to the unforeseen circumstances regarding my future employment situation, this case had to be closed and it had to be closed FAST in order for me to retain the offer of employment that I had. Although we weren’t able to get the DUI completely dismissed, George did an EXCELLENT job in working out a plea with the Prosecutor and getting my case resolved to a workable resolution and he did it in a very short amount of time.

I would definitely use George Stein again and would recommend him to anyone in need for a professional, DUI attorney.”

A Satisfied Client

“I just gotten out of court.

Mr. Stein won today my DUI Jury Trial. I did see Mr. Stein in action and he is an excellent Trial Lawyer with a sharp mind. He has lots of experience and even wrote a resource book on DUI which is respected and used by Lawyers and Judges.

In my case a DUI on my record would have hurt me in my future life. Therefore Mr. Stein is worth every penny and even has a payment plan available.

If you are in need of “The Lawyer for DUI Defense” he is the one to call.”


“ was referred to George Stein by a friend. He did a superb job on my DUI case. He was upfront with me about my options and I put my trust in him. He spoke in terms I could understand and put me at ease throughout the whole process. He answered all my questions and he and his staff were very responsive when I called his office. I know not everyone’s case is the same, but Mr. Stein did a great job for me. I would recommend Mr. Stein to my family and friends anytime.”

A Satisfied Client

“I used George stein’s office for my DUI. george ‘told it to me straight’ from the beginning. he did not sugar-coat things, but assured me he would do all he could to help me avoid one mistake from ruining my future. he returned my phone calls timely, which was a huge relief (and surprise, I might add). he kept me apprised of the progress of my case and the strategies he was considering. he helped me to understand that even if my case was decent, I would be risking jail time by going to trial. luckily, he was able to win my case before having to make that decision. a friend told me about this site, and I was glad to be able to give public praise to George. if you’re looking for the best lawyer in the Atlanta area, give George Stein a call.”

A Satisfied Client

“George Stein got my DUI dismissed!

I hired him over several other lawyers because of his confidence in me and my case. He came highly regarded from some of his previous clients I contacted. Not to mention that a good friend of mine referred me to him.

After checking his references I knew he was a good lawyer but I was particularly impressed when the judge assigned to my case had a lot of respect for him in his legal arguments. After getting my DUI dismissed, he explained to me in plain English how to get my license back from the DMV on the very same day. Also, he was the only lawyer that I interviewed out of several that had a payment plan.

While working with him I found he has a good bedside manner and was excellent in explaining the law to me in plain English. It’s obvious when you see him in action that he has superb skills and is truly masterful in the courtroom.

I highly recommend him!”

A Satisfied Client

“Had a DUI with a breath test and George Stein got the test result withheld from the Jury and won the case completely dismissing everything. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a chance at winning. I have never had a regret at hiring his firm to represent me. He did a superb job.”

A Satisfied Client

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