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George Stein, The DUI Lawyer
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Teens And DUI

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The Cost Of A DUI

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Women And DUI

What Happens When Someone Is Pulled Over At A DUI Stop In Georgia?

Are There Penalties For Underage Drivers?

Is It Possible To Win A DUI Case In Court?

Will My Case Get Dismissed If The Officer Doesn’t Give Me A Miranda Warning?

What Are The Consequences If I Cooperate And Enter A Plea Of Guilty In Court?

Should I Take A Blood, Breath Or Urine Test Down At The Station And What Will Happen If I Refuse?

What Should I Do If The Police Ask Me To Take Field Sobriety Tests?

Do Citizens Have A Right To An Attorney When They Are Stopped For A DUI Investigation?

If I’m Stopped By The Police, Should I Answer Any Question Regarding Drinking?

What Is The 30 Day Rule?

How To Deal With The Field Sobriety Test?

How Much Do You Rely On Science And Scientific Method To Defend A DUI Case?

How Reliable Are Blood Test Results In A DUI Case?

Is It Possible To Refuse A Breath Or Blood Test In Georgia?

What Factors Can Enhance Or Aggravate A DUI Charge In Georgia?

If You Are Stopped By The Police, Will You Know Your Legal Rights?

What Happens To Someone’s Driver’s License When They Are Arrested And Charged With A DUI?

Is Vehicular Homicide A Misdemeanor Or A Felony Charge In Georgia?

How Do You Defend Clients Who Are Charged With Vehicular Homicide?

Do Vehicular Homicide Cases Mostly Go To Trial Or Do They Settle Out Of Court?

Is It Ever Possible To Have A Vehicular Homicide Charge Reduced To A Lesser Offense?

How Are Drug Charges Determined To Be A Misdemeanor Or A Felony?

Are There Any Alternative Programs Available For First Time Drug Offenders In Georgia?

How Do Police Test For The Presence Of Drugs In A Person’s System?

Can Police Execute A Warrantless Search Of My Vehicle, Suspecting A Drug-Related Crime Taking Place?

What Happens If The Driver Is Suspected To Be Under The Influence Of A Substance Other Than Alcohol?

What Is A Drug Recognition Expert? What Sort Of Training Do They Have?

Should I Ever Admit To Taking Prescription Medication In Front Of Law Enforcement?

Can A Passenger Receive A Drug Charge If Drugs Are Discovered In The Car?

What Is Considered Possession, Sale, Distribution And Intent To Distribute Drugs Under Georgia Law?

What Are The Penalties For Drug Convictions Under Georgia State Laws?

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